Forest Ecology Research in this organization is as old as the Forestry Research in the country. A separate branch of Forest Ecology came into existence in 1948 and with this Forest Ecological research and systematic studies on forest typology, foliar diagnosis and physiological – ecology of a number of important forestry species commenced.

Some of the important thrust areas taken up in the division are, biodiversity conservation & regeneration, eco-rehabilitation of degraded forests and mine derelict areas, soil and water conservation, environmental pollution and climate change. Ecology & Environment division has developed and transferred various eco-restoration technologies based on the ecosystem approach in mined areas. Besides, this ecosystem approach made the sites capable of producing fuel and fodder on sustainable basis for the rural community. The division has a prestigious Forest Meteorological Observatory established in 1958. This observatory is continuously recording meteorological observations since then.

The division has also been involved for nearly a decade in capacity building initiatives by way of organizing regular as well as customized trainings for executives, workshops and seminars, etc. on various issues of environment and ecology. Teaching students and Supervising University research scholars for their post graduate and doctoral dissertations is an important activity. The Division has well equipped laboratories for soil -plant analysis and air and water quality monitoring. Nearly 20 research students have been working day and night in the field to gather ecological data and further analyze in the laboratory to achieve the goals of this division for judicious management of ecosystem and environment.

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